How to Buy Shapewear: A Simple Guide for the Perfect Fit

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Ever wondered how to look flawless in that body-hugging dress or achieve the perfect silhouette in your favorite outfit?

The answer is simpler than you might think! Introducing the wonderful world of shapewear!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you how to buy shapewear that complements your unique figure and enhances your fabulous wardrobe.

Get ready to embark on a journey that will transform the way you think about undergarments, as we dive deep into the realm of shapewear.

From figure-hugging bodysuits to waist-cinching briefs, we’ll explore the best tips and tricks to help you find the perfect pieces that boost your confidence and unleash your inner fashionista.

So, let’s get started, and soon you’ll be strutting your stuff in style with the help of your newfound shapewear secrets!

Understanding Shapewear

When it comes to buying shapewear, it’s crucial to understand different types available, the materials used, and the level of comfort they provide. So, here we go…

Types of Shapewear

Shapewear is available in various styles, each designed to target specific areas of your body.

Here are some common types of shapewear to consider:

  • Control briefs: These provide support to your tummy and waist while remaining seamless under clothing.
  • Shaping bras: Designed to offer better breast support and create a flattering silhouette.
  • Full body shapers: These offer all-over compression, targeting your tummy, waist, hips, and thighs.
  • Waist cinchers: These focus primarily on your waist, providing a more defined hourglass shape.

It’s essential to choose the right type based on your needs and the outfit you’ll be wearing.

Materials and Comfort

Shapewear comes in various materials, each offering different levels of compression and comfort.

Common materials include:

SpandexOffers a high level of compression and smoothness under clothing.
CottonProvides a softer feel and is more breathable, ideal for everyday wear.
NylonFlexible and lightweight, nylon provides a comfortable level of support.
MicrofiberCombines the benefits of spandex and nylon, offering a seamless and smooth finish.

When choosing shapewear, make sure it’s comfortable and fits well.

Remember that the right size is crucial for optimal support and to avoid visible lines under clothing.

Don’t be tempted to go down a size; instead, follow size guidelines provided by the brand to ensure a perfect fit.

Choosing the Right Fit

Finding the perfect fit in shapewear isn’t the easiest, but it’s necessary for achieving desired results and feeling comfortable.

This section will guide you through the process of measuring your waist and selecting the right shapewear size.

Measuring Your Waist

To ensure the best fit, you need to start by measuring your waist.

Here’s how:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and locate the narrowest part of your waist, usually an inch or two above your belly button.
  2. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your waist, making sure it’s parallel to the floor and not twisted.
  3. Keep the tape snug, but not tight, and take note of the measurement.

It’s also helpful to measure your bust, hips, butt, and thighs to obtain more accurate sizing information for different types of shapewear.

Selecting Shapewear Size

When choosing the size of your shapewear, avoid the temptation to select a smaller size in the hopes of increased compression.

This may lead to discomfort and unflattering bulges.

Instead, always go with your actual size for the best results – ask me how I know.

Consider the following factors when selecting the right shapewear size:

  • Coverage: Determine which areas of your body you want to target (e.g., tummy, hips, butt, thighs, or bust).
  • Type: Choose between different shapewear types, such as leggings, camis, or strapped options, for your desired coverage and support.
  • Compression Level: Select a level of compression according to your personal preference and the occasion, ranging from light for everyday wear to extra firm for special events.
  • Stretch: Ensure the shapewear has adequate stretch for optimum comfort and mobility.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to feel confident and comfortable in your shapewear.

Selecting the right size, style, and compression level tailored to your body measurements will help you achieve the desired silhouette and support.

Shapewear for Different Occasions

Choosing the right shapewear depends on the occasion and the outfit you’re planning to wear.

Let’s explore different occasions and the types of shapewear that would best suit them.

Casual Wear

For everyday comfort, you can opt for lightweight fabric shapewear like Core Essentials, which includes camisoles and seamless briefs.

These pieces provide light shaping and support without feeling too constricting. In addition, shaping leggings and tights are perfect for enhancing your figure in casual outfits.

Don’t forget to consider colors that will seamlessly blend with your wardrobe, as well as plus sizes if needed.

Office and Professional

When dressing for the office or professional settings, opt for shapewear that provides a flattering silhouette under your clothing.

For example, you may consider bodysuits or shaping shorts that offer tummy control and smooth lines under dresses, skirts, and slacks.

A shaping camisole can be a great option to wear underneath a blazer or blouse, providing support and coverage without visible seams.

Neutral colors like black, nude, and white are recommended for these occasions to ensure a polished appearance.

Special Events and Occasions

For special events or occasions, you’ll want to choose high-waisted shapewear that offers optimal control and helps create a sleek figure.

Pieces that provide tummy control and smooth out any unwanted bulges are ideal for formal events.

You may also want to consider shapewear with various necklines, so it complements your outfit effectively.

Remember to select the appropriate size and choose a style that fits your body shape and enhances your curves.

Best Brands and Products

Finding Reliable Reviews

Before purchasing shapewear, it’s important to consider reviews to ensure you’re investing in a product that will meet your needs.

Look for reviews from reputable sources like Forbes, The Strategist, and InStyle.

These sources typically evaluate products based on criteria such as comfort, effectiveness, and durability.

Additionally, customer reviews on websites like Amazon provide valuable insights from real women with different body shapes and sizes.

There are several popular shapewear brands you can trust while shopping for your slimming undergarments. Some of the top brands in the market include:

  • Spanx – Known for their wide range of products, Spanx offers everything from tummy control panties to full body shapers.
  • SKIMS – Founded by Kim Kardashian, SKIMS is known for its inclusive sizing and innovative fabrics that sculpt and smooth your curves.
  • Maidenform – With a long history in the lingerie industry, Maidenform offers reliable shapewear that focuses on comfort and support.
  • Commando – Focused on providing a barely-there feel, Commando’s shapewear is ideal for those looking to smooth their silhouette without feeling constrained.
  • Wolford – Known for its luxurious fabrics, Wolford offers high-quality shapewear that provides comfort and support.

Based on various reviews and to help boost your confidence, the following products are highly recommended:

Always consider your personal needs, preferences, and the specific outfit you plan to wear with the shapewear when making a purchase.

By selecting the right product, you’ll accentuate your curves and feel confident in your clothing.

Special Considerations

While shopping for your perfect shapewear, there are some specific situations that require extra attention.

Paying attention to these unique factors can ensure better comfort and satisfaction in the long run.

Shapewear for Pregnancy

Pregnant people need shapewear that provides gentle support and accommodates growing bumps without being too constrictive.

Make sure to choose a piece that doesn’t push on your abdomen, as this can cause discomfort.

Look for maternity shapewear explicitly designed to accommodate pregnancy.

These pieces usually have a built-in panel to provide gentle support for your bump.

Keep in mind that pregnancy can cause increased urine tract infections (UTIs), so make sure your shapewear doesn’t impede restroom accessibility, which can exacerbate UTIs.

Shapewear for Plus Sizes

Finding the right shapewear in a plus size range (XL and up) can be challenging, but it’s still essential to prioritize comfort and effectiveness.

Stick to your size instead of trying to go down a size, as proper sizing will help create that invisible layer effect and prevent discomfort.

Some retailers specialize in providing an inclusive size range.

Make sure to research and choose a reputable brand that offers shapewear specifically designed for plus sizes.

Shapewear and Restroom Accessibility

One of the most important factors you need to consider is how easy it will be for you to use the restroom while wearing your shapewear.

Some pieces are harder to remove or adjust, which can make restroom visits both time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Opt for shapewear with features that allow easy access, such as detachable straps, open-crotch designs, or easy-to-manage hook and eye closures.

Keep in mind the balancing act between providing effective compression and allowing necessary restroom accessibility.

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Shapewear

Layering with Other Clothing

When it comes to wearing shapewear, consider layering it with other clothing items.

For instance, you can wear a slip over your shapewear for added coverage and a smooth silhouette.

This can be particularly helpful for special occasions when you want to look your best.

You can also layer your shapewear under dresses, skirts, or tops to ensure a sleek and polished appearance while keeping any unwanted bulges in check.

Caring for Your Shapewear

Proper care is essential for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of your shapewear.

According to Cleveland Clinic, it’s important to launder your shapewear frequently as it touches your skin more than any other fabric.

Doing so will help prevent skin irritation and extend the life of your garments.

When cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, which typically include hand washing or using a delicate cycle and mild detergent.

Be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals or fabric softeners, as these can damage the elasticity and shape of your shapewear.

We like Variance by Forever New – Medical Wash Solution for all shapewear.

Making the Most of Your Purchase

In order to make the most out of your shapewear purchase, really think about how and where you’re going to be wearing it.

If you go to a store in person, don’t be too shy to ask the experts for their advice!

Some factors to consider include:

  • The level of control and support you desire
  • The material, such as spandex or nylon
  • Appropriate sizing to ensure comfort and effectiveness
  • The style, such as shapewear panties, shorts, or leggings

By exploring these choices and considering how shapewear can complement your existing wardrobe, you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling your best in any outfit.

How to Buy Shapewear FAQs

How do I know what size shapewear to buy?

Gorgeous gals, finding the right size shapewear is key to feeling fabulous! To determine your ideal size, grab a measuring tape and measure your bust, waist, and hips. Then, consult the specific brand’s size chart to find the perfect match. Remember, accurate measurements are crucial for a comfortable and effective fit that enhances your figure without causing discomfort.

When buying shapewear do you size up or down?

When it comes to sizing, it’s a common myth that you should size up or down to achieve the desired effect. In reality, always choose your true size for optimal comfort and shaping results. Shapewear that’s too small can cause bulges and discomfort, while a size too large won’t provide the support and smoothing you’re looking for.

What is the best material for shapewear?

The best material for shapewear is usually a blend of nylon and spandex or Lycra, which offers a comfortable, breathable, and stretchy fit. These materials provide the perfect balance of compression and flexibility, ensuring that your shapewear hugs your curves in all the right places.

Is shapewear supposed to be really tight?

Ah, the age-old question: Is shapewear supposed to be really tight? The answer is that shapewear should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. You want it to provide gentle compression that smooths and shapes without restricting your movement or causing discomfort.

Do you wear anything under shapewear?

As for wearing something under your shapewear, it’s all up to personal preference. Some people choose to wear underwear beneath their shapewear for added comfort, while others prefer to wear the shapewear directly against their skin to minimize visible lines.

Where does the fat go when you wear shapewear?

Wondering where the fat goes when you wear shapewear? Shapewear works by redistributing your body’s natural curves, creating a smoother, more streamlined silhouette. While it doesn’t magically make the fat disappear, it helps to shape and compress targeted areas, giving you the appearance of a more toned figure.

How do you go to the bathroom with shapewear?

Let’s talk about bathroom breaks! Some shapewear pieces, like bodysuits or high-waisted shorts, come with convenient openings or hooks that make it easy to use the restroom without fully undressing. However, if your shapewear doesn’t have this feature, you’ll need to remove it in order to go to the bathroom. That’s the easy part. The difficult part is putting it back on. Always check the design before purchasing to ensure it suits your needs and preferences.

And there you have it, lovely fashion enthusiasts!

We’ve shared our tips, tricks, and secrets to help you master the art of buying shapewear.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re now ready to discover the perfect pieces that’ll enhance your wardrobe, boost your confidence, and let you strut your stuff in style.

Remember, the right shapewear should be comfortable, true to your size, and made from quality materials that work harmoniously with your body.

So go ahead, gorgeous, and treat yourself to the shapewear that makes you feel like the fabulous fashionista you are!

Until our next fashion adventure, stay fabulous, and keep shining!

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